Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mama's First Stitch Fix

I finally got my first Stitch Fix! I signed up a few months ago and this weekend was my first available shipment date. I've been waiting very (im)patiently.

What is Stitch Fix? In a nutshell, it's your very own online stylist. You tell them (through a very extensive questionnaire) what you like and don't like, what you normally wear and don't wear. You fill them in on your job, your lifestyle, your general fashion preferences. Then they send you five pieces. You decide which items you want to keep and send the rest back in a postage paid envelope.

Want to try it out? You can set up your account for monthly deliveries or even just one time delivery and decide if you want to continue (like I did... and want to). Use this link so I can get credit (aka "free clothes"):

So here is the story of my first Stitch Fix....

Friday afternoon, this pretty package was waiting for me on my doorstep. After a full day with the kids on their last day of school, I was tired, worn out and beat up. But, darn it, I was going to try on my possible future clothes RIGHT AWAY.

I've decided that Stitch Fix has fantastic packaging and branding. It was not only exciting to open the box to see what they sent me, but it was pretty to open. There were step-by-step directions on how to "check out" your clothes printed right on the flap. And in a note inside this envelope. And on the invoice.

Another little nicety was the note describing my clothes, how to pair them together and the style cards with additional suggestions on how to wear the items.

Before I show you what I got, I thought I'd show you my "BEFORE". Oh, boy. Hair a frizzy mess, no makeup and my glasses were lost somewhere in the house. Oh, and all the laundry baskets in the background. (I'm afraid those are part of the "AFTER" as well.) The outfit is my standard summer uniform: t-shirt and khaki shorts.

Item #1 - Cropped jeans by Kut from the Kloth. My first thought as I pulled them out of the box: "Eh. Cropped jeans." And then I put them on. "Ah. Cropped jeans!." I love them. They fit PERFECTLY. I know I'd wear them all the time. 

Item #2 - Renee C striped and patterned rainbow-y sleeveless bi-level shirt. Did I just get 5 months pregnant? Not good. At all. Too much pattern. Too much looking pregnant. No thank you. (Plus, look what the crazy shirt did to my face! Oh no!)

Here's a closeup look at the shirt's pattern. Nice. Just not for me.

 Items #3 & #4 - C. Luce cream lace-crochet tank and RED! cropped Bermuda capris by Kut from the Kloth. I had no idea what to think of the shirt until I put it on (that's how it usually goes with me  and shirts). It really wasn't bad. I am not a big Wearer of White but when I go on photo shoots I like to wear white so there's no strange color cast on my subjects. This would be a great for that. Or anything else. It was actually pretty flattering for a white sleeveless shirt.

Then there's the RED! pants. RED! PANTS! I've never had RED! pants. Never thought I would. Even as  I pulled them out of the box I questioned the mere possibility of RED! pants. And then. I put them on. WHAT??? They fit great. They looked cute. Darn it. I wanted to hate them. I really kinda love them. They looked nice with the crochet top even though my Personal Stylist Person didn't even include that combination as a suggestion. Look at me, all outside the box!

Here's a closeup of the cream tank. I like that it's feminine but not too frilly. The material has a good thickness to it.

Item #5 - blue print tank by Pomelo. I really like this one. I don't know the brand but I can tell that it's high quality because of the small details. There's a patterned ribbon going up each side (can you see it?) that added a bit of extra special something. I first tried it on with the RED! pants just because I already had them on. I was surprised to see that it was a cute outfit.

Here's a closeup of the ribbon detail. Pretty, right? I love this shirt.

Next I put the cropped jeans back on so I could see the "suggested outfit" together. I also love this. It looks totally different, more casual, a little more everyday for me.

So what do you think? This is the hard part, and I'm really having a thoroughly tough time. 

I know I don't want the crazy rainbow shirt. That one's easy. OUT!

If money were no option (like if I had a Stitch Fix sponsor or something, haha) I would keep four of the five pieces. But clearly that is not a reality. So...

If I keep the jeans, I know I'd wear them the most.

The RED! pants would be a new and different addition to my wardrobe and I have enough simple t's and cardigans that would go with it.

Of the shirts, I would wear the blue the most. I think.

But I still can't keep all three items.

I'm stuck. Help.

I have until Tuesday to send back my returns. Guide me, my friends. I truly cannot decide.


  1. Red pants and blue top. White top 3rd. Why not the jeans? Cause you probably already have lots of jeans and this is all about stepping out the box, right?

  2. Abbie,
    Even though the jean crops fit perfectly, I'd go for the red pants and cute blue top. They look terrific on you and they can be worn both professionally and in your everyday life. You could always get the jean crops in your next box! Can't wait to try the Stitch Fix....need to fill out my survey asap!

  3. I agree with Linda and Kathy. Also, Kut From the Kloth jeans are available at Zappos, possibly cheaper? Those red pants are amazing, you can do so much with those. I love that crochet top, I think I might go request it for my next box........

  4. I'm going to be the dissenting vote here. I say both pairs of pants. The fit on you is amazing and that can be hard to come by. I know you probably have a ton of jeans, but no matter what the price is your cost per wear would be worth it. I do like the blue and white tops though as well if you want to go more in an outfit direction.



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