Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October Twenty.Eleven

5:45a Rise and shine. Time for the treadmill. Blah. Thank goodness I'm listening to a really good book - The Time Traveler's Wife.

6:35a Making kids' lunches, drinking ice cold water and listening to the sound of the rain falling outside. I think about how interesting kids' food phases can be. Right now, David is going through the salami and cheese sandwich phase. With applesauce. Nothing else. He hasn't quite mastered the art of eating lunch quickly. Sammie is in a ham and cheese wrap with crackers and a fruit rollup phase. Until tomorrow, because she is about to eat our last fruit rollup.

7:03a David is sitting by the toaster waiting for his Pop Tart to... pop. Pat is trying to coax Sammie out of bed. I head to the shower.

7:50a With everyone dressed (this morning, it's leaning toward miraculous), I start begging for shoes to apply themselves to children's feet.

8:03a Thirteen minutes later, we are finally out the door. The kids gave in and put on their shoes rather than waiting for them to put themselves on.

8:22a It's raining, so that means I can drop off at the curb and scoot. I'm home already, made beds and straightened up. Made Chocolate Mini Wheats for breakfast. Ha! I said "made." I poured. While I ate, I checked email and Facebook and Pinterest. Mmm. Pinterest.

9:15a Unglued my hand from the mouse and called my mom. Talked for over an hour, folding and putting laundry away the entire time. Saved the socks for nighttime while watching TV.

10:25a Did some photo editing. Still working on pictures from our trip in August. Dang, I took a lot of pictures. (Husband and children violently nodding in agreement, eyes rolling.)

11:10a Left for Pat's work where we had a date to get flu shots together. Aren't we romantic?

11:45a We also went for lunch to Benji's Deli. Holy corned beef sandwich, Batman! Why hadn't he taken me there before???? SO. DAMN. GOOD.

12:30p Dropped him off at work and drove to Franklin to a hair salon that sells my hair product (Aquage Defining Gel if you must know). Once a year I buy a giant pump of this stuff. It's so awesome, it's worth the annual drive to buy it.

1:40p On the way back to the land that I know, I happened to drive past The Scrapbook Store. So I went in. Just a few sheets of new, pretty, inspiring patterned paper and I'm a happy girl. The store is not the greatest and it makes me miss Archiver's.

2:25p Ended up (somehow!) at the Starbucks by the kids' school. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and a sexy (not!) book on parenting, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk. I know, I'm so hot. Maybe not, but at least I'm (supposedly) better able to help my kids work toward solving their own problems (for example).

3:00p Left to pick up the kids and bring them home. Not looking forward to breaking the news to Sammie: her art class that was supposed to start today got cancelled. I'm assuming low enrollment, but Sammie will be very disappointed, no matter the reason. Sigh.

3:48p Back home. Got mail, read papers in backpacks. Administered snacks. Kids did homework.

4:15p The flu shot is starting to have its effect on me. My throat hurts. I'm sniffly. I let the kids play Wii. I take out my new scrapbook paper and admire it. Then I put together three pages, not one of which utilizes said paper.

5:43p Grilling chicken and shredding cheese. This may be the easiest dinner on the planet: chicken quesadillas, coming right up!

6:13p We sat down for dinner. Everyone is beyond happy. Who knew quesadillas would be such a big hit. I'll make them every week -- if that's what the people want, that's what they shall receive.

6:48p Cleaned up the kitchen while the kids played UNO with Pat.

7:35p Bedtime routine for children: pi's, teeth, reading.

8:20p Throwing in some laundry. Getting excited for my Thursday night TV: Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. A small part of me wants to be a doctor when I watch these shows. Then I remember that there's usually blood involved with being a doctor and the moment passes.

11:45p Following TV, Words with Friends, a few quilting magazines and a bowl of popcorn, it's time for bed. I'm really trying to go to sleep "early." By the time I actually get into bed it's after midnight anyhow. So much for that extra 15 minutes of sleep....

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