Saturday, July 02, 2011

Things I Like This Week, Vol. 5

Sunshine. Yes, Martha. It's a good thing.

The Glee Project. If you watch Glee, you MUST watch this show. Yes, it's a reality show. I know you don't normally watch reality shows but this one is different. The winner will be a new cast member of Glee in the Fall. See? I knew you'd want to watch it. (Note: It's on Oxygen, there have been three episodes so far, and they re-run them constantly.)

With Love from Spain. Another cutie-pie show but this one just makes me hungry. I only wish I had heard about it sooner so I could have seen the first 4 episodes... including the very first one where they visit Donostia (San Sebastian) for a grand culinary experience. Oh, Donostia... cuanto te quiero.

Our Newspaper Boy/Girl/Man/Woman. I don't know who delivers our daily newspaper to us, but whomever it is, thank you. It is so nice to have it delivered right on our doorstep. Your extra effort is appreciated.

The newspaper. It is such a pleasure to read the paper again, after so many years away from it. As an added bonus, Sammie completes the crossword puzzles for me so I don't have to.

Finishing projects. I am trying to complete random projects here and there. It is a great feeling. I just finished a quilt I've been putting together on and off for the last nine months probably. You will be seeing more of it in a future post.

This is actually the BACK of it. Curious? Stay tuned...


  1. Lucky you to have a good carrier. Remind me to tell you about our carrier fiasco. Finally canceled our subscription after 20+ years...
    I'm recording The Glee Project--haven't gotten to watch yet but will next week, I'm sure.

  2. You *are* lucky to have a good paper carrier. I'm about to cancel our Sunday only because of carrier issues, but Dylan loves those comics!



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